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I wonder if there is a way of disabling incoming connections from a PC configured to connect to my Android. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, so I have installed the S3 Host. It feels like I leave a security hole open.

Imagine I would give a friend remote support using this setup. He or she would then be have the phone open for me the rest of the future, or am I missing something here?

/Thomas J. Ekman

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    /Thomas J. Ekman
  • _azure
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    I have a related question. If I have both the Host app ( I have installed it on a Lenovo android phone) and the quick support app installed on the phone, would the host app allow me to access the phone whenever I want to? or would the quick support app prevent the unattended access?

    I am not able to access the phone unattended and I suspect that the quick support app is preventing it. So should I uninstall the quick support app and keep just the host app to be able to access the phone unattended?

  • Scotty
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    Hi _azure,

    The QuickSupport app and host app can both be installed and used at the same time.

    However, an important thing to note, you cannot connect to android with an ID and Password for unnatended access. The device must be assigned to an account (this is done inside the host app) and then selected from your contacts list for you to connect to this.

    I hope this helps!


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  • _azure
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    Hi Scotty,

     Thank you for the answer. I have the device assigned to an account in the QuickSupport app. So I guess I have to do the same in the host app too.

    Also, is it possible that lenovo android kills the host app when the phone is not being used and is unattended ?