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Windows 10 - Policy not applied

Hello all,

I have been demoing the customized Teamviewer 12 Host MSI installation and it has been working very well. However there are some problems with the policy that I have set to the customized Host -package; It does not apply to two Windows 10 test machines, to a Windows 7 machine it does apply.

I can see that it does not apply since there is no password field when opening the Host mode of Teamviewer 12. And when I go to settings there are no customizations that should be there via the policy.

Any ideas? I Know I can push the policies from the list at but that kills the purpose of automatically assigning the policies.


Best regards,


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  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 229 ✭✭

    Mine are working.

    My automated deployments are set to join a group, and inherit the policy from the group.

    I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
  • tuomasrFIN
    tuomasrFIN Posts: 4 ✭✭


    I also tried to set the option "inherit from group" instead of assigning the policy straight to customized module but it did not change the situation.

  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 229 ✭✭

    I have nothing to back this up, but maybe your Win 10 computers have something different in the local firewall\network settings.

    I have a subnet that is blocked from the Internet, but we have ports open for TeamViewer. Auto deployments on that subnet do not download the custom branding for the host. We have just started to investigate, but we are convinced it is something in the firewall.

    Please let us know if you find a solution!

    I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.