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Transmit sound from Samsung host Android to client windows 7

ci3 Posts: 2

I want to use Teamviewer from my Win7 laptop to connect to my Samsung Host Android S5. When I connect to my Samsung host I can't hear the sound from samsung.

Is there any setting or solution for this?



  • ci3
    ci3 Posts: 2

    Can someone help me?

  • Ivoie2006
    Ivoie2006 Posts: 4

    So I hear you,

    I am haveing the same problems,

    CONNECTING FROM:Win7 Pro Desktop Pc

    CONNECTING TO:Samsung Android 9.0

    From the PC I cannot hear any phone audio.

    Henceforth I think this is a bug.

    -Team veiwer ver:14-

    If you are running the same version as me,

    I think a update is requiered.

    Hope this helps.


  • Ivoie2006
    Ivoie2006 Posts: 4

    ok im now on ver.15 

    no change

    is it a setting? 

    host side err?


  • Ivoie2006
    Ivoie2006 Posts: 4

    Not a setting means its a bug on the phone 

    play arround with audio settings iin the app on the phone.

    try installing all the teamveiwer apk on the phone


  • Ivoie2006
    Ivoie2006 Posts: 4

    I dont know...

    It has to be a bug..

    devs if you reading this please patch this.