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Why were previous version of TeamViewer prior to v10 removed from the archive page?

Feels like TeamViewer is just being as customer-hostile as possible to anyone who doesn't upgrade their software. As a paying customer, moves like this make me less and less likely to ever want to upgrade my services with you guys. We are on version 8 at my work and haven't updated, originally because we didn't need the new features, but now it's mainly because of how you guys continously release new versions and make it user-hostile to people on prior version. 

Not only do we have to tell customers that they need to download a legacy version of the software so we can connect to them, but of course it's hidden as possible on the downloads page and now it just says

Need an earlier version? Please give us a call:
1 813 895 3051

Like, what other reason is there to do that besides to make life as difficult as possible for your existing customers who haven't updated? Why would I want to update software from a company doing this type of stuff?


  • Support ended up gave me a link which can't be found anywhere on their website...

  • gr81
    gr81 Posts: 1

    Links were taken down from the site, but the TeamViewer team is nothing if not practical:

    You just have to know what you're looking for first.... e.g.:

    Follow the pattern on the page for the black sheep:catwink: of the family, Previous Versions:

    As to why:  I'm sure TV would like all their current users to only use updated, patched, and ostensibly more-secure versions.  As well as for compatibility's sake.

  • C'mon support??? That wasn't a proper response to the need. The real question here is "Why can't a Licensed user not support a user that has updated to new version by "clicking" on a ping made by your company to our customer? Older Versions should be able to assist any version you release. The updated version should be availible to those who want or need the update. Not because youre concered about our security. To be honest that was a **bleep** answer. You may want to try an not undermind your customers. We may be sharper than you think.

  • I am getting a pop up on the versions I have saying it would be depreciated on an old Mac that I use as a media centre, and a cat cam to check up on my cat when out. I also have an old netbook running Windows xp connected to an old scanner that only uses xp and lower drivers for home use ... the computers I look after and repaired them for reuse , for environmental reasons , why chuck an old computer when you can still use it to host media files and use an old scanner in my home network. Seriously this is rediculous , as I use the netbook and scanner accross the room from my table and have mobility issues, and use team viewer to connect to computer and acces it from my modern machine as if the scAnner worked on new machine... depreciiating them would brake this ease of use for my mobility issues ... and isn’t fair ...
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