TeamViewer transfers files into wrong folder on remote Android device. BUG?

I am copying a folder in c:\Users\Owner\Pictures\ on my Windows 10 machine to /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/ on my remote Android tablet. (see screenshot 1).

Teamviewer - BEFORE copying.jpg

The expected result would be to have a new folder on the Android, with 3 pictures in it.

What I get is a new folder (as expected) but it is empty, and the 3 pictures have been copied to the same level as the folder (not into it).

The Event log shows correct paths but that is not what actually happened. (See screenshot 2).
Teamviewer - AFTER copying.jpg

This looks like a BUG in the File Transfer.
I then have to move the pictures into the folder on the Android tablet.

I am running TeamViewer 12.0.83369 on a Windows 10 laptop, and I copied a folder with 3 pictures to my remote Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android Nougat which has Host for Samsung 11.0.4766.

Thank you for looking into this problem.



  • Yonatan
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    Has anyone found a way to solve this somehow?