Licensing switch to Subscription based


I for one would like to voice my disappointment in TeamViewer for switching to a Subscription base licensing model. I for one hate that I am now paying the same amount to rent TeamViewer as I have paid to own a perpetual version. This licensing model is flawed in so many ways I can't begin to explain. I am a consultant and am constantly hearing it from my customer how they don't want subscription based licensing yet the software developers keep insisting their customer are happy with this type of licensing NOT! No one wants to rent something they can buy if the cost is the same price or a higher price. Now TeamViewer can increase the cost whenever they want and you are locked in to paying the increase no matter how high they go






  • satzinger
    satzinger Posts: 7 ✭✭

    I just got a 3 year perpetual contract after complaining to them!
    So you might try that too!

  • gilcor
    gilcor Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hi Digon

    Thanks for your post. 3 years are much better than a yearly subscription... but it isn't perpetual !
    But I would try to get something too...


  • Traffic
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    or do what I did and haggle for a perpetual license.

    Currently using Teamviewer 14 with a fully owned lifetime license

  • Jaymo
    Jaymo Posts: 1

    The whole reason I switched to Teamviewer is because they offer a perpetual license.  To this day it's saved me over $10,000 in comparison to what I would have paid "**Third Party Product**".  I guess they don't care to motivate people to switch... especially not with the published pricing.

  • Steve3p0
    Steve3p0 Posts: 1

    I'll stick with version 13... Until they get their act together.