If the TeamViewer Community Was a Rocket…

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With the turn of the year, we’d like to take the opportunity to present some interesting facts on your awesome achievements in the community’s first two months.

If the TeamViewer Community is a rocket, the first two months was the most exciting liftoff with all of you on board!

My first personal highlight was of course the community’s launch on November 2nd. It’s plainly awesome for me to be part of such a collaborative place.

For your information: The first user post in the TeamViewer Community was written by Dmccr. Shout-out to you mate!

Not even one month later, you gave me another magical moment when the community crossed the 1000 members frontier. That truly was an astronomic feeling.

Shortly after that, our community rocket hit the turbo thrusters: On November 29th, we released the final version of TeamViewer 12 and naturally, it has been the number one topic ever since.

Kudos to All of You

Do you remember what I wished for the community in my welcome post? That this should become a flourishing, positive and productive place for all of us – and guess what, you more than exceeded my expectations!

There are some really brilliant TeamViewer experts among you and it’s just remarkable to see them help other users in the community.

Every single reply and helping advice is amazing and I am so happy to see your engagement.

A perfect example for this is the thread about the Silent Host Rollout: You’re really helping each other and us, TeamViewer, as well.

Additionally, I enjoy reading through all your ideas to further improve TeamViewer as a software, just as I appreciate the help you provide to increase the community’s usability.

I’d like to take the occasion to thank all of you who contribute in that process and especially mLipok for their help and ideas.

Your Awesomeness in Numbers

I thought you might be curious about some statistics of the two months we’re online, so here they are as of the time of writing:

  • The Community Blog article you were most interested in in terms of visitors is “How to Keep Customers in the Loop with a Remote Sticky Note” with more than 1850 Visits.
  • Meanwhile, the one you most commented on is the one announcing TeamViewer 12 Final with 23 comments in total.
  • 1501 posts were submitted so far.
  • There are about 100 people online at all times.
  • On the 27th December, there were already more than 80 accepted solutions to posted questions. Those are the answers that the post’s creator or a moderator mark as the best answer posted to a question.
  • For this statistic - imagine a big award ceremony with a podium and medals, please. I present to you the members with the most Kudos:

3. bartlanz with 29 Kudos

2. mLipok with 32 Kudos

1. elbea64 with 56 Kudos!! Thank you for your great posts!

Thank all of you for what the community has achieved so far!

These numbers make for a great start for our community and I’m positive that, with your help, they’ll grow constantly.

To Pastures New

Now that this rocket is gliding smoothly into space, we’re planning on some really cool projects for the community.

A little teaser of which will await you in next week’s aka New Year’s Community Blog post, so stay tuned!

Also, you’ll have another major chance to shape the community there.

But for now, I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017. See you next year!

Have you experienced any special moments in the TeamViewer Community so far? Be welcome to share them with us in the comment section!


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