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Using Max Focus - SolarWinds MSP Flagged Personal Account as Commercial Use.

I work as a system engineer for an IT consulting company and we use Max Focus - (Now part of SolarWinds MSP) as our client management software. The Max Focus dashboard has teamviewer built in as our take control software which I love. When I connect to a client i get a tvc file which I set to default auto open in teamviewer.

The problem is my personal teamviewer account got flagged as commercial use suspected after I worked from home a few times logging into client servers and PC's. I only noticed the block when trying to help my dad from my computers and contacts list. So I get the 5 Minute limit and then a 20 minute lock. The odd part is I can still launch .tvc files from our MaxFocus dashbaord and get no commercial use suspected messages.

1. Can I get my personal account unlocked.

2. Is there a way for me to differentiate when working from home on my personal PC with work's Max Focus (browser based) client management software and my personal use teamviewer account which I use to help out my immediate family. (Father Mother, Father in-law, and siblings in-law) 

Thank you for the read and any help 


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Hiramg,

    Thanks for your post!

    As TeamViewer connections using MaxFocus are licenced connections, whenever you initiate TeamViewer through them, this will not trigger a commercial use message.

    However, there is no way to use TeamViewer commercially and personally on one device. This is the same for people using a commercial licence that has been purchased through a company on their personal devices as TeamViewer is being used commercially and so that device is unable to use the free version.

    I hope this clarifies the issue.


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  • Hiramg
    Hiramg Posts: 2

    That does make sense thank you, also how do i now get my personal account unlocked / unflagged from commercial use?

    Of course making sure to not use my work version of Teamviewer on my home PC from now on.

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