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No recovery code to deactivate or change two-factor

I enabled two-factor authentication after my TeamViewer account was hacked into last year. It worked fine for a while, but I have changed phones and I can not enroll a new authenticator nor deactivate two-factor without my old phone, which was already wiped and sold. Unfortunately I must not have paid attention when the two-factory recovery code was given. How can I regain full access to my account?

I am still authenticated to multiple devices if that helps to prove my identity, and I also have access to my email. I had to create a new account to join the community and post this message since I could not log into the old one via the website.

I think that email or SMS authentication would be a much better backup method for account recovery than the method currently used.

Thank you


  • I have the same issue. I can still access my account as I'm authenticated on my laptop via the app. How do I go about getting two factor deactivated without the recovery code?

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