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Connection is lost when internet connection is lost

Hi, I have a problem like this: I am connecting two computers on same network both "Incoming LAN connections: accept". However, if the internet connection is lost, the Teamviewer connection also gets interrupted. Also, I did not set "Incoming LAN connections: accept exclusively" because as far as I understand this option resricts the connection only to LAN. I searched the knowledge base a while but could not find this issue. Thanks.


  • elbea64
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    I guess you connect through the Computers & Contacts list or by TeamViewer ID. This way the connection uses always the TeamViewer servers and therefore the connection is lost when not connected to the internet.

    The LAN connection is done by using the IP address to connect to your partner. Connections using the IP will stay connected even without internet access.

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  • Yes! that was definitely it. I didn't know I could type there IP address. Thanks a lot.

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