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Hi, new to the community - looks like an excellent resource.
I have used TV for many years and recently became aware of the above. I have installed it on my Samsung tablet and found it to work well with one exception. The native touch control will not work. No matter how I try to change this, whether in setup or onscreen using the input control, it stubbornly remains in 'mouse' mode.
I raised a ticket and the reply suggested I uninstall/reinstall it and 'ensure all customer settings are removed'. I am not sure what the customer settings are but I followed the advice. Alas no improvement.
I will, of course, respond to the ticket but I wondered (hoped ?) someone here may be able to assist.
Thank you, Peter


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  • PeterWorks
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    For info the ticket number is #2788447

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    Hi Peter,

    I have replied to your ticket.

    When we find the solution, I will post it here :)

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