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Web Client no longer works; Management Console throws SSL error.

I don't need to use the "Web Client" feature found in the Management Console very often, but it remains extremely useful in a pinch and has saved me when using the desktop client was not an option. Now however, I am unable to use the Web Client due to security errors thrown that -- surprisingly -- is not related to Flash plug-in permissions.

When I click any of the "Connect" buttons in my Computers list, a loading animation appears -- then disappears without any further activity. The modal window that is typically supposed to follow never appears. The only change seen in the browser is the green SSL icon in the address bar changes to "insecure" gray -- and the JS console complains of "mixed content" when it tries, but fails to access the resource "teamviewer8://remotecontrol?[.........]".

I assume that since the desktop client is missing, this custom protocol would fail as expected -- but the Console should catch this and present the option to connect via the Web Client as per usual.

Error in verbatim: (identifiable info removed)

"Mixed Content: The page at '[...]/[...]' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource 'teamviewer8://remotecontrol?connectcc=[...]&username=[...]&logintoken=[...]&tokenid=[...]'. This content should also be served over HTTPS."

I am not sure if a browser update or internal TV update has caused this issue to surface; I was only able to test in Chrome 62.0.3202.94 and Safari 10.1.2 (10603.3.8) at this time of writing. However, the Web Client interface was 100% working the last time I used it a couple weeks ago.

Thank you for looking into this!