Custom QuickSupport module slow start problem

I create custom QuickSupport module v12, v13 but when i run my executable it take too long time to start ~2min. I make test and run on same PC original version of QuickSupport v12, v13 - it start imediately. Previous version of custom QuickSupport created for v10 start quickly. Customer doesn't know whats going on, if it's running or not. There is no startup progress dialog or something like that.

Edit: analysing deeper i found that TeamviewerQS.exe creates in temp another exe, run it with configuration parametrer: "..Temp\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe" --configuration XXXXXXX, then it do something 2 minutes and after that creates tv_x64.exe + tv_w32.exe that is final TeamViewer application. It looks that maybe all configurations are now stored in cloud and downloading from web and it's not stored inside TeamviewerQS.exe as was in previous versions of TV.

Edit 2: It looks like it download logo and configuration file TeamViewer.json from web. Difference between original and custom QuickSupport startup time is too high, please add posibility store these infos inside .exe as it was in previous version of QuickSupport or make it faster.



  • Mirk
    Mirk Posts: 1

    I've experienced the same problem on different PCs. I'm using a customized QS module for TeamViewer 13. Any contributions?