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The software hangs in the process of work. [RAM. Memory leak]

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Hello! I apologize if I allow grammatical errors, I do not know English well.

Problem: during the work of the teamviewer, after about 30-40 minutes, the program starts to slow down and hangs. The device hangs. If you deploy the application manager before it crashes, you can see that there is not enough RAM (100-200). In the device, when running this program alone, 800-900 MB of RAM is free. Most likely, the problem is a lack of memory, but! Why does not the application purge it? And why does it accumulate garbage? Is there a memory leak?
Reset to the factory settings was carried out.

Device: Huawei Honor P9 Lite [VNS-L21];
RAM: 2 GB;
System Version: Android 7.0.

It was tested on three such devices (bought by the family). Everywhere the same problem.

Is there any solution, other than buying another device? Perhaps the problem is software?

I will be glad of any constructive help. Thank you.