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No Sound on Android from Windows 10

Alitai Posts: 18

Hello Together

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Patch Level: 1. October 2017, Android Version 7)

Windows 10 1607 is installed on 2 PCs (With Patches from December) and TV 13 installed. I connect from the Phone to Windows over the IP in the same Network.

On both Tests i can't get Sound on my Phone. On the iPhone all works. The TV Android Version is 13.0.8183 CL.

I have no idea what's the Problem is.

Has anybody the same Problem?

What i will try now, is to install Windows 10 1709.


- Windows 10 1703: Same Problem

- Windows 10 1709: Not my Client but same Problem

- TV 12: Same Problem with Windows 10 1607

Edit 2:

- Over the normal TV ID it works but not over the IP-Address.

- Tested also with 2nd Android Smartphone but no luck.

@support-Team: Can you have a look at this (Reproduce it)? I'm out of ideas. Mabye it a Problem with UDP/TCP.

Many Thanks

Best Regards and a Happy New Year.




  • Alitai
    Alitai Posts: 18


    I found a Workaround that's working for me.




  • jonjuk
    jonjuk Posts: 1

    What was your workaround? I'm also having the same issue..

  • coestric
    coestric Posts: 3

    Me too. I have the same issue.

    Could you please post the workaround.

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