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Remote session stuck on connecting


After I upgraded to the last TV version I have one PC that have a problem.

when that PC try to do a remote session (no mater to who) when the remote session starts it freezes and I have this weird pixels and my mouse cursorlive marks on the screen and I cannot do nothing except to close the session.

When I connect to the same remote from another TV (same version) I have no problem.

I reinstall TV, did driver update bot nothing.

please help.




  • ANY solution?

    Remote client 1024x768. When connecting via Remote Desktopn, I have 1920x1080. Join the remote desktop session as meeting, I get full 1920x1080. Teamviewer 12.


  • gtaboy34
    gtaboy34 Posts: 2


    Eventually I contacted TV support team and they sent me a registry fix

    And it fixed my problem

  • I am facing the same problem. Initially, TV connected. Then, I disconnected, and tried to connect again, but it is stuck on connecting message. I tried from my mobile and desktop to connect to my other remote PC, but no luck. It will stuck on connecting message.

    Appreciate your help.