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Timescale for availability of full TV13 functionality on Linux?

Does anyone have any news on the planned release date for TeamViewer 13 on Linux.

The preview version that is currently available doesn't support remote presentations which is the main purpose of TeamViewer within our organisation.

I last spoke to the support team before Christmas but they weren't able to give me any idea of when the presentation functionality would be available in a TV13.

The organisations we work with have upgraded to TV13 so unfortunately continuing to use an earlier release is nto an option.




  • CharlieA
    CharlieA Posts: 3

    Is there any news about support for remote presentations in the Linux version of TeamViewer 13?

    It's been three months since I first asked the question.

    Please confirm whether you intend to continue to support the Linux client.

  • I've just upgraded to TeamViewer 15.08 and the abilty to share my screen with another TeamViewer user is still not supported.

    As far as I'm aware this has always been a core part of the Windows client. I'm charged the same licence fee regardless of which client I use. Can you please let me know when this functionality will be available.

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