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Hello Community!

I'm running TeamViewer 12 to help a nearly blind pupil (Eyesight ~ 10%) in our scool to view the screen of the Smartboards in our classrooms. He uses a win 8.1 notebook with a touchscreen. If he wants to read the contents of the board, he has to zoom in, to get the text bigger.

Is the TeamViewer 12 able to do this? Is there a version of TeamViewer Touch to do this?

We worked with VNC so far, but this wasn't save enough. There has been someone misusing the connection to erase some documents.

If there are any Ideas, i would be happy if You shared them with me.


Jörg Striewe
Hüffertgymnasium Warburg
34414 Warburg (Germany - so if you answer in german, it' very OK ;-))

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    Hi Scotty,

    i tried your idea to use the builtin tools from Windows. This works good. Thank you for your answer.

    Is there a plan to integrate the touch functionality to the TeamViewer in the future? This would be helpful for a lot of people i think ;-) ?

    However, your solution works fine for us and we are able to help our pupil to get all information needed from the Smartboards in our classrooms.

    Thanks again and greetings from Germany


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    Hi i am university student using TeamViewer 12 in a simular way. The computers are setup very simular, the host computer .is where lecturers are delievered from which is connected to the white board, teamviewer is run on the host computer which i connect to as a client in meeting mode, due to my limited vision i use the windows magnifier in fullscreen mode however i have to move my mouse manually to move my magnifier around the screen as my mouse does not move in sync with the hosts mouse pointer.
    Is there anyway my mouse pointer could move with the hosts mouse pointer so my magnifier automatacally moves around the screen. This would also be very ideal as my pointer is larger than the hosts pointer(lecturer)

    Any help would be great thanks