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Wonder what changes in the remote computer's display parameters


I have developed a MFC Dialog based program which includes OpenGL control in it. 

It is meant to be run on Windows7 64bit. The program works fine in some system, which means

all the features show up nicely. However, for some systems with exactly the same version of OS

and Visual Studio, the program does not show up correctly even some dialogs won't be open.

What is interesting and the reason why I am posting this issue here is that, If I connect to the

problemetic system from remote host, via Teamviewer, and then the wall paper blacks out,

the MFC program now shows up with no problem!

I guess this is related to the display parameters that have been modified by the teaviewer in

problemetic system . So, I thouht If I can get to know what changes during the display

parameter initialization done by Teamviewer, I might be able to fix the problem!!

So, I wonder if I can get the info. about the changes in the display parameter when the

system is being connected from remote host.  

Thanks in advanve!