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Remote Control android to android

Hello everyone,

I have 2 smartphones I'd like to establish a remote connexion between both. These 2 smartphones are a GS8 and a OUKITEL C5 PRO. I first tried to remotely control the GS8 with the OUKITEL with applications Teamviewer and QuickSupport. It has worked. But when I tried to control the OUKITEL with GS8, it didn't work. Yet, both are in Android 7 and the version of QuickSupport installed on each of them is 13.0.7847 QS. When I go to QuickSupport/Advanced there is no 'Activate Remote Control' of the OUKITEL whereas there is this option on QuickSupport of the GS8. Maybe i should install a special add-on but i don't know. Can someone explain me why it like this ? Does someone know how to fix this ?