Can't wake screen on Moto Z2 Play Android phone (host mode)

I can connect to the Moto Z2 Play using the Android Teamviewer Host app and remote control works perfectly as long as the screen is on.  When the screen goes to sleep, I can still connect to it fine, but all I can see is a black screen.  There's nothing I can do remotely that seems to wake the screen up.  If I physically hit a button on the phone to wake it up, I can see the screen wake up through the remote session, and then I can remote control it.  But without being able to wake the screen remotely, unattended remote control is useless.  Is there any way around this?



  • I also used to encounter the same issue. How ever in my case, the screen would wake up if I was connecting with another Android device but would stay on the black screen with iOS devices.
    So my workaround was to wake the screen first by calling the phone and cutting the call once it connected. That way i ensured that the screen was awake first, and then i would connect with teamviewer and be able to unlock it.
    Not the most elegant solution but it works for me
  • Thanks for your temp solutions.  However, my target HTC phone is in oversea and it is not a good time to call it as it would be midnight 03:00 their local time as I connect.  Never see TeamViewer support respond to this thread or it has already had solutions out there???

  • Sorry that it doesnt work for you. I have come to realise that the issue is to do both with the app and the Android OS. The OS goes into deep sleep mode to conserve battery. Hence if it is not on battery power the screen will always wake up. SO what i do now is to leve the device plugged in if i will be accessing it whilst away. I think i also have the eco mode in the hos app off. 

    I know this is not the best for the device but its my compromise for now.

  • I got 5 devices:

    1. Macbook Pro @Mojave 10.14.2
    2. iPad Pro 10.5 @iOS 12.1.1
    3. iPhone XS Max @12.1.2
    4. HTC U11+ @Android 8.0.0
    5. HTC E8 @Android 6.0.1

    Majorly, I use TV to remotely connect and control the target device HTC E8.  Here below is the siutaitons:

    Macbook Pro --> E8.  Works good.  Even the mobile phone is sleeping, TV on MBP could wake up the E8 and control E8 like a charm.

    Macbook Pro --> U11+  Works as good as connecting to E8

    U11+ --> E8.  Works good.  Even the mobile phone is sleeping, TV on U11+ could wake up the E8 and control E8 like a charm.  [ Only couple months ago, TV had a fault detection on my free version as a commercial version and did not allow connection.  It was solved by reinstall the TV App on U11+  ]

    iPhone XS Max/iPad Pro --> E8/U11+.   It can remote connect and control the E8/U11+ only the devices are screen on.  If the devices are sleeping and the screen is off (dark), the TV on iPhone XS Max/iPad Pro only shows dark screen when it connects to E8/U11+, no response even tap on TV/iPhone/iPad Pro or type on the soft TV keyboard.  If the E8/U11+ devices are turned on then, the TV/iPhone/iPad Pro will show the screen and works as usual.  

    iPhone XS Max/iPad pro/U11+ --> Macbook Pro.   All can remotely connect the Macbook Pro and works like a charm.  Even the Macbook screen off (dark screen) with password page, 3 mobile devices can wake it up and type the password and get into the desktop.  [ Notice: I test by press "Lock Out" the Macbook Pro, if press "Sleep" then TeamViewer are forced to sleep/quit and  no longer running in the background, the connection status will be offline and the Macbook Pro could not be connected remotely. ]

    So, I guess the dark screen wake up problem of the Android mobile devices happens in the iOS devices or iOS itself.  Wish TeamViewer team could look into this.  Since I have no needs to access ipad and iphone remotely, I have not yet carried out the tests.


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    another elegant solution is to use "screen saver"

    i use a digital clock running when device is "off" so when team viewer tries to connet the screen already on.

    good thing android is open system and you can do most of the things you need to bypass problems :)