How do I change 'screen sharing' to proper 'remote control' on an Android phone.

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I posted a message last Saturday asking if anyone could help solve why a friend couln't join a meeting I'd started using version 13, but there were no replies. So, trying to solve the problem myself, I decided to revert to TeamViewer 12 to see if a connection could be established then - and my friend is doing the same on his computer. We will probably find out about that tonight.

But now I have another problem. Having installed version 12, when I connect to my home computer from my Android phone, remote access works as it always did and I can operate my computer fully from my phone, but when I start Quick Support on my phone, (a Samsung) although the phone shows up on my home computer, once connected, I can see the phones screen, but don't have remote contol of it. So that when, from my computer, I click on a phone app's icon, a hand shows on each device, but I can no longer actually open up the app and use it from my computer. I used to be able to type texts, etc, from my computer keyboard, but that facility has gone. How do I get that full remote control back again, please?

I now feel I'm getting deeper and deeper into trouble with TeamViewer, and need some help to get me back up and running smoothly again!

And responces greafully recieved. Thanks.




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    I /think/ I've solved it myself. When my phone screen opens on my computer it starts out as a screen share session. But if one expands the screen to full screen or in a window, a set of controls appear at the top, similar to the ones when using remote access to a computer. And clicking the 'File sharing and extras' tab, an option comes up to remotely control the phone, Then a second premission screen shows on the phone and allowing remote access on the phone allows it to start. So one needs two 'allow' processes on the phone, where one was all that was needed before.

    If anyone knows how to set it to be remote access from the start, I would still very much like to know how to do it.