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Unnamed Devices in my console

I have about 10 or 12 unnamed devices appearing in my console.  Some of them show online and some are offline.  They all appear to have a 9 digit TV ID.  I do not see any option to connect to them so I have no idea what these computers are.

I have a hardware and software inventory systems that lets me extract the TeamViewer ID of all my computers that I manage.  I have been able to linke 2 of the 12 back to computers that use the full TV install to manage my console, but I still have 10 listed that I cannot trace back to computers I manage.

How do I find out what computers these are?



  • Obviously TeamViewer guys have a problem with Unnamed Devices. They don't answer any quetions regarding this subject. There are also several questions about removing this group subject but no answer.