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[Login error] Yellow icon does not proceed next.

I always use Team Viewer.
Today I also run Team Viewer at home and log in to the lab computer.
(Lab computers are using Ubuntu.)
The procedure seemed to proceed smoothly..  like below.

Partner connected ->  Connected (yellow dot). 

I wish connect to lab computer But,, nothing happens to the next procedure.
I have an important job, and I can not reboot the other computer at now..
Does anyone know the solution?
Thank you.


  • I'm also having a similar issue. I've used the same set up for years and haven't changed anything. The past two days, I'm not able to Connect to my machines in my network.  Sometimes I click on one and it says Connecting and it tries to connect and eventually times out. I try it again and then it goes all the way through and Authenticates since I use a set password for them all. I'm confused on how it works sometimes but other times it doesn't. Really frustrating when I get a support call and can't access my computers.

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