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Android - Teamviewer Host Samsung Dex

Has anyone found a way to get Teamviewer Host to work while in Dex mode on a Samsung phone? I have a Note8 and I can use the Host app when its not on the Dex dock... but when I connect it to the Dex and open the app it says that Remote Control is not Activated. When I click the option to activate it, it will bring up the prompt to enable Knox and I agree to it then it says it was not activate and to activate Remote Control. I get stuck in that loop.



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,392 Community Manager

    Hi there,

    In case you have not seen it before, but our brand new Remote Control app for Android is now supporting Samsung Dex

    Read more here

    Have a great weekend,


    Community Manager
  • RalphUp
    RalphUp Posts: 2

    but how do you activate the FULL DEX Screen? I can only see the phone screen!

    It is great telling everyone you support it but it helps when we know how to use it

    Samsung S10 latest updates and genuine DEX Station...

  • I think there no support ... it don't work properly on android 9 on note 8 .... and it don't work properly on note 10 and android 10 ... so I thing they just don't test the app in dex anymore.

  • Aftet last update everithing works ... but something has change... the experience is not smooth now.

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