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work remote on a computer with a different keyboard layout

If i want to work on a computer with a different keyboard layout. For example as a german i want to work together with a french collegue i always have to change his keyboard language.

I cannot find any setting in TeamCiewer that allows me to use my german keyboard?


  • I agree, layout set on remote hosts my be different from the one on the pc you connect from and you just can't type in remote layout, only in English for example.

  • inomikos
    inomikos Posts: 1

    I've been having the same problem. Remote desktop is set up with Greek and English keyboard inputs. I try to connect from my android box (where I have also set up Greek and English keyboards), but I can only type in English. I can change the layout remotely (alt-shift works), but when I type it's always in English regardless of what I set on the remote or local keyboards. :-/