TV Android Keyboard Wont go Away

Hi! I am hoping someone here can help. I just started having some unusual behavior when I remote into my android from my windows box. Everything is normal until I hit a key on the keyboard. Then the android keyboard pops up, and won't go away until I disconnect the session and click in a text box then click back.

The keyboard is over everything, such as the apps at the bottom of my homescreen. I have attached a screenshot of this (my homescreen only has icons on the bottom row). 

As you can imagine, having the bottom 1/3 of the screen simply unavailable severely hampers my ability to use the phone.

I submitted a ticket, but I'm hoping someone here has encountered this before and can help me.





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    Hi @AsYouWishEngine

    Thank you for your post and your great feedback in your message.

    To solve this we need to have more information, could you please check your mails?!


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