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TV Issues on Wifi vs Mobile Data


I have two devices at my home that I have been trying to connect to when away (an Galaxy S6 and a laptop). I've noticed that when my S6 is connected to Wifi that the screen delaying when attempting to control it from away from home is more significant than if it is not connected to Wifi and using mobile data.

There is not much of a connection speed difference between the Wifi and Mobile Data. Actually, the Wifi speeds are faster.

Wifi: Download: 32 mb/s....Upload: 6.57 mb/s

Mobile Data: Download: 22 mb/s....Upload: 6.5 mb/s

Both ping around 20 ms. My laptop also has screen delay when remote connecting to it. It is connected to Wifi. So, I'm assuming that if the phone is slower on wifi compared to mobile data that the issue also extends to the laptop on Wifi.

Is there anything that I can do to resolve this? I have teamviewer set to optimize speed, disable wallpaper, and I've set the laptop to favor performance in it's settings.

Thanks for any help!