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  • I really do not understand why the 3 device limit is not clearly stated in the description of the business plan.  3 installs is RIDICULOUS.  I would not have purchase such a kneecapped product if it had been clear.  The business plan says you can manage up to 200 devices, this is the lie they tell you to hoodwink you into the plan.  Then the truth comes out, you've got 3 devices in actuallity, not 200, that is a lie.  3 devices, only 2 if you dual boot windows and mac.  GARBAGE product.  Amazing software that has been hamstrung by utter avarice towards the consumer.  For me, this puts this product on the level of Ransomware.  We get it, you want lots of money.  Dont even pretend this "Business" plan is for businesses.  Call it the **bleep** Jr. account, because that's who it is for, all us suckers that fell for the Ransomware.  Congratulations.  Scotty, you work for a greedy penny-pinching company that exists to **bleep** every penny out of your costomers.  Hope you feel good about it.

  • Ford1
    Ford1 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    There is no where to add a new question

    But its the same as this one. I tried logging into teamviewer on another pc and it said install limte reached. I can log into the account through the internet and I can see all the remote pcs but I cannot connect to any of them. Some of the answers say you can only have three pcs but that is rubbish because I have had five remote pcs that I have always been able to connect to before I have paid $500 and teamviewer told me that the amount of remote connections I have is unlimited. I am only logged into teamviewer with one laptop. I don't know why I suddenly can't anymore


  • Ford1
    Ford1 Posts: 3 ✭✭

    that information is wrong

    I only had it one one device and I needed to use it on another computer because mine is under repair. I made sure it was logged out but I still get a limit reached error. I have paid for the business edition and now I cannot access my remote pcs on anything


  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 870 Moderator

    Hi @Ford1,

    Thank you for contacting us on TeamViewer Community.

    As you have successfully activated TeamViewer license on a TeamViewer account, you may connecto to unlimit devices with your licensed account. However, your license is limited to initiate the remote connections from up to 3 devices. For example, you may connection from device A, B, C, to any other remote devices, if you would like to have device D to start any outgoing connections, either of device A, B, C need to be removed from TeamViewer Management Console like device A, B, D. For more information on replace licensed devices, kindly visit How to deactivate (remove) device from the Business license 

    Hope it would be helpful.

    Warm regards,



    Chinese Community Moderator
  • I have tried to deactivate a device, followed instructions but under licences, it only refers to free licence and does not show the devices I activated for me to deactivate. Can you help please

  • This does not work on mine because although I have a licence for 3 machines, it only refers to the free licence for some reason and I cannot deactivate or see any devices. Can you please assist?

  • MOcak
    MOcak Posts: 3

    Having 3 device only rule is very stupid to be blunt. Everyone has a at least 1 or 2 work computer, 1 or 2 home computer, 1 or 2 mobile laptop computer, again 1 or 2 mobile phone or android or apple devices. I have a business account, I have 5 devices, these 5 devices are essential, work computer, home computer, work laptop, personal laptop, android tablet, and android phone. I should be able to install teamviewer on these devices without hassle or without paying 1000 Euros or dollars to Teamviewer. I strongly suggest you amend this rule and make it, at least 5 devices, 20 moves for a year dont make us feel we are running out of moves, 8-9 is very little and 3 devices is very little, check my name end of this year, i will not renew my contract, and I will move to other same service providers premiums.

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