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Mac audio/mic problems with newest version

Hi, I have Windows and Teamviewer works great when i connect to others using Windows. However, when I connect to someone with a Mac, thier audio and mic stops working. We've tried headsets and native OS mic, same results. We all have the latest version of Teamviewer. Anyone else having this problem?  Thanks.


  • webhasan
    webhasan Posts: 2

    I have the same problem. Microphone does not work for TeamViewer 13. Something goes wrong with version 13. 

    Microphone works fine for version 12 but unfortunately, TeamViewer  forces to update it to version 13

  • I have the same problem with TeamViewer meeting on my mac (OS X 10.13.6), this is very frustraiting based on the amount it cost us to upgrade our license to V13. Now I am unable to run meetings from my mac??

    Is this reported as a bug?

  • mchiavetta
    mchiavetta Posts: 1 Newbie

    does any of you manage to find a solution? I can't use it at all.. it give me a light grey color windows saying No Value!

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