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Christian_PM Posts: 18 Staff member 🤠

Dear servicecamp users,

We want to increase the value you receive out of servicecamp and improve your experience with the product! Therefore, we would like to ask you a couple of questions to understand you and the way you use the product better.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. It will not take you more than 5 minutes but will greatly help us to improve the product. Thank you! Christian

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  • kmount
    kmount Posts: 1

    Likewise, these features are needed for us to consider the product.

  • damirko
    damirko Posts: 3

    We are evaluating servicecamp and we would like to know more about following features:

    a) Is it possible to get export of all ticket data (I mean all - including ticket text and location (URL) of the attachment)? I tried PowerBI connector and I haven't been able to get those columns. Have I missed something?

    b) Is it possible to customize a translation of the customer portal?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yervand_PM
    Yervand_PM Posts: 102


    a) At this moment there is no option in Servicecamp to export ticket text and attachments links.
    What you can do is export tickets list with all it's metadata including custom fields in csv format per inbox.
    Go to Administrations->Inboxes->Edit -> at the bottom of page you can find a link "Export ticket meta data"

    b) Maybe you can provide more detailed info for this point. What do you mean by customizing translation of customer portal ?


    Product Owner
  • Klamsi
    Klamsi Posts: 4

    At first: it's a great Ticket System!

    Some Ideas for improvement:

    - Exchange Integration for "own mail server"
    - easier way for users to create login/account for TeamViewer
    (to many security hurdles: activation mail, and trusted device stuff...
    2 factor authentication is mandatory, and cant be disabled.
    our users constantly change there workstations and are overwhelmed with this)
    - Currently the user gets a "closed" mail without any possibility why the ticket is closed.
    When closing a Ticket, it would be nice if we could parallel send a note / reason to the customer
    why the Ticket got closed.
    - It would be great, if we could you the manually set ticket fields also as free variable parameter in

    - a working Mobile Version or iOS / Android APP would be charming

  • Yervand_PM
    Yervand_PM Posts: 102


    1.You can configure your exchange server as own mail server in Servicecamp. Since last week you can configure it not only for IMAP but for SMTP as well, which means your replies to tickets will go through your mail server.

    2. feedback about 2 factor authentication will be passed to corresponding department. 
    Please also not that now your users can create a ticket in customer portal without necessity to login. In order to have that feature you just need to tick one checkbox in your customer portal settings.

    3. As a workaroung to situation when your user gets "Closed" notification we can suggest to disable autoclose functinality from Inbox settings and when you staff is closing ticket write some short reply to your user and tell him about reasons that ticket was closed.

    4. Could you please clarify this point
    "It would be great, if we could you the manually set ticket fields also as free variable parameter in"

    5. We do have it in plans however no any ETA at this moment


    Product Owner
  • Klamsi
    Klamsi Posts: 4


    Thank you for your quick reply.

    1.) Do you have a documentation of how to integreate exchange server into ServiceCamp?

    2.) Thank you! Great Idea. We've activated the check box... 
    Currently we only use TV-Host on our client systems. 
    We cannot use the full version with all the great TV functions
    (i.e. Chat, Meeting or AdHoc TV Session via ServiceCamp),
    due to the "complicated" 2-Factor login.
    For "non-tech-users" it is to "hard to understand" how to login and activate the Account ;-)
    They also often change the devices and would have to start again with trusted device stuff...
    A full active directory support with single sign on would be awesome... ;-)

    3.) We really like the auto-mail closing function and will keep it. In this case, the user will get a reply with "closing note" and then a second auto-mail with "ticket closed". It's not that big deal.

    4.) There is a possibility to create own Ticket-Fields:TF1.png


    Would be great, if we could use this fields as a variable in the auto-mails:


    5.) We can wait ;-) And looking forward for this. 

  • Hi,

    1) You have custom fields which can be added to the ticket but also assigned to a queue, however when moving from one queue to the other it would be good if the history could be kept of what the fields were set to.

    2) Topics - could the topic also be assigned per mailbox? So each mailbox has it's own topics for instance,

    Support - Windows, Hardware, Software

    Development - Bug, new development, sprint etc

    We're trialling at present but so far it looks good, I'd be happy to talk to someone in more detail about the points. We're a small software company and being able to handle tickets from customer going through support to Dev back to support and keeping full history would be good.

    Many thanks,




  • damirko
    damirko Posts: 3

    a) Not being able to export all ticket data (including ticket text and attachments) is a dealbreaker for us. How much is it likely to change?

    b) I meant Croatian translation of servicecamp portal is not good enough for us to consider letting our customers using it. We would like to be able to translate all labels by ourselves. For example - you used the same word to translate Login and Registration (Prijava), using "Izradi novu potvrdu o prijavi" for "Submit new Ticket" is totally confusing for average customer, etc. etc. Can we at least suggest proper translation?

  • Yervand_PM
    Yervand_PM Posts: 102


    1. You need to make sure that custom field is assigned to both inboxes. 
    You can check that from "Adminstration->Ticket Fields" 

    If you are moving tikcet from one inbox to another and for that second inbox it is not set that 
    custom field shuld be available then it will gone.


    2. Unfortunatley at this moment its not possible to assigne topic per mailbox. As workaround you can create custom field and assing it to your mailbox (inbox)


    Please also provide your contact details in private reply and we can arrange a call.


    Product Owner
  • Yervand_PM
    Yervand_PM Posts: 102


    a) unfortunately there is no way to export ticket text and attachments at this moment. 

    b) Feel free to sent us right translation for Croatian language and we will change it on our side. 
    Please sent English word, Croating translated word and a place/window/page where that word is located. You can also sent with screenshots 

    Product Owner
  • damirko
    damirko Posts: 3

    If there were a way to export all ticket data (i.e. backup our own, very important and sensitive business data), we would gladly send you complete translation for Croatian language so we could start using ServiceCamp in our production.

    Not being able to get our own business data from ServiceCamp smells very fishy to me.
    Let's leave it at that. 

    Kindly let me know if you plan to change that.

  • Hi,

    just started a trial of the product and looks good. 

    - while in servicecamp creating or replying to tickets, would be great to be able to send email via Service queue without having to go to that page. Maybe possible if client is already known but most times this is not the case.

    - the canned message text when sending message with links is ok but can we change that before it is presented. This is an example : "Hello, Please download the following software to start the remote control tool TeamViewer ....". It is possible to change text on the fly but means the user has to manually do it.

    Other than some little annoyances it is a great tool.


  • Klamsi
    Klamsi Posts: 4

    If we work on a Ticket i.e. answering it, it instantainly jumps to the next ticket.
    Sometime we want to answer and close directly, and close the next ticket by excident ;)

    I see the intention of this "jump to the next ticket" feature and it can be a nice one.
    But for our process it's more confusing.
    Is it possible to disable that in feature via option button somewhere in settings?

  • +1 on this , closed a couple by mistake ,, maybe a save and close button or the ability to turn this off :-) 

  • phschw
    phschw Posts: 1
    We realy need a tool to import customers or sync it from active directory
  • christian-j
    christian-j Posts: 54 Staff member 🤠

    Hello phschw,

    please give our Active Directory Connector (AD Connector) a try.

    Team Lead Product Development (Enterprise)

    Did my reply answer your question? To help others, please accept it as solution. Thanks!
  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,518 Senior Moderator

    Dear @christian-j and @phschw

    The AD Connector is just relevant, if you want to add your own employees to the Management Console. These employees can be staff agents in servicecamp. It is not possible to add the customers via the AD connector directly into servicecamp. 

    I hope, I could help with my answer. Please let me know, if there are any further questions. :smileyhappy:

    Best, Natascha

    German Community moderator 💙 Moderatorin der deutschsprachigen Community

  • Our Ideas for improvement:
    - We need an API to integrate the ticket system with our CRM system and more
    - Time tracking. It makes billing easier.
    - Responsive webclient. We can not use servicecamp with our smartphones.
    - We need the possibility to change the used fonts an some other styling for mails
    - SLAs would be great.

    Great features at the moment:
    - Paste a picture to ticket answer, creates an attachement. Save a lot of time.
    - Nice UI, simple and clear
    - Outlook app to create ticktes from our personal inboxes. The most customers send us directly a message. Now we only need one click to make a ticket.

  • More Ideas:

    • Combine Tickets. Some people create new tickets instead of answering an email.
    • Ticket overview: add more filters (timespan, custom fields). Some filters are available through get-parameters. 
  • Create ticket from GSuite Gmail.