This article applies to TeamViewer customers with a Premium, Corporate, or Enterprise license.

The TeamViewer Active Directory Connector (AD Connector) helps administrators to create and setup TeamViewer accounts easily and centrally for all employees in a company via Active Directory without the need of adapting and using scripts and programming knowledge.


To use this feature you need

  • a valid TeamViewer Premium, Corporate, or Enterprise license for TeamViewer 
  • to download the AD Connector from our Integrations site
  • an API token from the Management Console
  • Windows Server 2012 with Windows Powershell 4.0

Download the AD Connector

You can download the AD Connector from our website here.

Run the AD Connector

To run the program, please un-zip the file and double-click the Configure TeamViewer AD Connector.bat file.

Getting started

The TeamViewer AD Connector has two main areas such as Configuration and Scheduled task.

Active Directory Connector 1.2.0.png AccountsTab.png

The configuration UI provides the following features:

  • Show and adapt the sync configuration.
  • Validate the entered TeamViewer API token.
  • Manually trigger a run of the synchronization script.
  • Install/Uninstall a scheduled task to run the synchronization script automatically.

The configuration UI requires to be run with elevated user rights to be able to install and
uninstall the scheduled task. The script automatically asks for elevated rights (if required).


These are the available configuration parameters of the TeamViewer AD Connector

Setting Description
Api token

The TeamViewer API access token that is used for accessing the TeamViewer company user management. You can create the script token in the Management Console --> Edit profile --> Apps --> Create script token. You only need the permission View, create and edit users and admins for User Management:Scripttoken2.png

If you also want to deactivate admin accounts (be careful, because you could also by accident deactivate the API Token owner), you additionally need the permission View full profile for Account Management:AD_Connector.PNG


AD groups

The LDAP identifier (without the leading `LDAP://` protocol scheme) of the AD groups used for the synchronization.

You do not need to run the AD Connector on a Domain Controller. All computers that are part of the domain can access the list of AD groups.


The two-letter language identifier used as default language for newly created TeamViewer users. For example it is used to localize the "Welcome" email.

Init. Password

The initial password used for newly created TeamViewer users.

Test run

If set to `true` the synchronization will not modify any TeamViewer user resources but instead only log the actions that would have been executed.

Deactivate TeamViewer Users that are not members of the AD group

If set to `true` TeamViewer users that are not member of the selected AD group will be disabled

Include users of nested AD groups

If set to `true` users of nested AD groups will be included


Scheduled task

The scheduled task will be created with the specified interval as:

...\TeamViewer\TeamViewer AD Connector

Output of the scheduled task is redirected to the specified log file location.

You can set the interval for the task as you like. The interval is currently on a hourly base.

Change user for scheduled task:

You might need to modify the user in order to have the necessary execution permissions for the scheduled task. To change the user of the scheduled task:

  1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler
  2. Right-click the scheduled task to be modify, select Properties, and select the General tab.
  3. Click the "Change User or Group" button
  4. Enter <USER> in "Enter the object name to select" text box and press "Check Names"
  5. Press OK button
  6. Under "When running the task, use the following user account:" you should now see this user.
  7. Click OK, then quit Scheduled Tasks.

User Synchronization Logic

The actual synchronization is done by the Invoke-Sync.ps1 script in the TeamViewerADConnector directory using the following logic:

  • Users of the configured AD group that are not yet part of the configured TeamViewer company (identified by the API token) will be created with the specified initial password.
  • Users of the configured AD group that are already part of the configured TeamViewer company will be updated.
  • If configured, users of the TeamViewer company that are not present in the configured AD group will be deactivated.

Identification of users is done based on the email addresses.

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