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Administrator permissions

I have inherited the role of TeamViewer administrator at my company. The person who had this role originally left our company for another opportunity. I reached out to TeamViewer's technical support team to ensure that I have all administrator permissions available. Now I am in the process of reorganizing our group structure. I have found that I evidently do not have the ability to move computers to a different group that I did not create originally. I have also found that I do not have the ability to move more than one computer simultaneously. Please let me know if this is because my administrator permissions need to be tweaked or the tasks mentioned earlier are simply not possible. Thank you in advance for your feedback regarding these issues.

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  • Chr
    Chr Posts: 5

    @Katharina wrote:

    We always recommend creating a master account for your company profile as that makes managing the profile and sharing groups much easier.

    All the best,


    Hi, Having one master account with a shared password - is considered bad practice when thinking about security.
    Teamviewer should fix this by making sure that any company admins, actually are admins of everything - including groups - regardless of who crated said group..

  • pateka
    pateka Posts: 1

    How is this still considered an acceptable practice by TeamViewer in 2021? Sharing one administrator account? Seriously?

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