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Terrible customer service interaction? (UPDATED)

I called TeamViewer sales to inquire about pricing for licensing for a company I work for.  I asked for a discounted quote.  The sales rep was friendly and said they would send it over.

Instead I got an invoice - no problem, but I didn't like the price so ignored the invoice.  Very strange practice, but I didn't think about it much.   Next thing you know I get 4-5 emails stating that my account is overdue and that I need to pay this invoice, and then a 'courtesy' call from the absolute rudest customer service rep I've ever had accusing me of lying and then not paying my bill.

I explained that I had never agreed to pay anything and that it was very strange to expect me to pay a bill from a company I don't recieve services from, and I was then chastised for not reading the bill and responding immediately.

Pretty crazy.  Hope you guys don't have this experience but it should be noted - and I can't find any other outlet to report.

 Update:  I recieved another call from the sales manager who  wanted to discuss the phone call I recieved.  He was very friendly and apologized for the behavior of the representative I spoke with earlier.



  • shirts4you
    shirts4you Posts: 1

    The sales "team" seems completely clueless.  Tried to get a demo of the Enterprise offerings for my company and all I got was a call from the inside sales rep who just wanted to know if I downloaded the teamviewer remote desktop software OK.  Every question I tried to ask, I could hear her looking up on the website.  I honestly knew more about the product than she did.  Ultimately she told me that if I had any technical questions, I would need to contact the "techy" people who could explain it.  Still no demo of the Enterprise products.  Sorry TeamViewer.  I will pass just based on that.  I don't care who your big fish customers are.  The little guys still count and will add up to big fish for someone else.

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