Can't connect to Android device from Linux



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    March 2018

    Can't connect for remoteControl/Sharescreen from Linux to my Android Phone.

    From Mac/Windows it works as expected.

    Fast forward to 2022, and guess what....

    STILL no signs of life from teamviewer on this...

    'This parrot is deceased, its dead, it's gone to meet its maker'

    come on [removed per Community Guidelines]- why even both having a ubuntu download- that after FOUR BLOODY YEARS...


    Hell I built a house, started a new business and had a kid (who is about to start school)

    and teamviewer...

    Has done exactly nothing....

    I used to use it years ago- was a great program- now- well I was going to buy it for my business- but obviously they don't need my business...

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    Yea, I'm pretty much done with Teamviewer over this, and a few others outstanding issues that haven't been resolved for years. I've got corp licenses for 30 or so clients and it's about time to rage-quit.

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    Approaching 3 years now. I've been at this on and off for months and finally stumbled on this thread. Linux market share is exploding and still crickets. I think it's time to abandon Teamviewer at this point. I specifically used it for mobile device management on win10, and now that I've converted all my devices to linux this has become useless to me.

    This page should be updated to explain this is not supported. This is blatantly misleading advertising, and frankly it's embarrassing to the company:

    Quoted from that page itself:

    "TeamViewer supports cross-platform communication for a variety of device combinations. As long as your devices support either Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS or Android, you’re set to save the day."

    Note how the word Linux is lit up? That's because it takes you to a new page which specifies:

    "TeamViewer’s advanced all-in-one solution lets you connect to a remote Ubuntu desktop and enjoy seamless access to another machine, regardless of whether the remote device runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows."

    Nowhere at all on the page does it specify that this is the only version of Teamviewer that does't support mobile access. I sincerely hope a support rep replies to this comment with news that it's in development for everyone else's sake, but after finding all of this I'm switching to a new solution as soon as I can find one for my personal use. The advertising team for this company should honestly re-examine how they're presenting this product, because shady advertising like this will drive users away faster than functionality issues.