Does Teamviewer screensharing work with iPhone5S

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Hi, I'm trying to get Quick Support working with an iPhone 5S on IOS 11.2.6

Installed QuickSupport app ok but when I swipe up on my phone to get to the Control Screen and "press and hold" the Screen Recording button, the correct screen comes up but I don't get any option to select Teamviewer. On my phone I only get the options: Camera Roll and Facebook - that's it.

Also, I only get an option to "Start Recording", I don't get one that says "Start Broadcasting" - but that's probably because I can't select Teamviewer as it's not there!

Is the installer not installing something as it's an iPhone5?  Or, is the app not compatible with this phone, even though I am running IOS11? Anyone experienced this?  Is there a fix?



  • Gaztech
    Gaztech Posts: 3

    BTW, I have of course enabled screen sharing as indicated by Teamviewer on the phone!

  • Gaztech
    Gaztech Posts: 3

    There is a statement on the website...

    "Please note: To connect to Android, iOS, or Windows 10 Mobile devices, a user must have the support for mobile devices license AddOn."

    What exactly is this???  If it's required, how do I get it? Does it reside on the phone or the Pc?


  • rabiddog
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    Hey did you solve this issue? I'm stuck at the same place.