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Problem becaus of people trust

Hello community i want to ask something verry inportand.Couple months ago i played a game Hurtworld i meeted some nice guyes there that were apearntly not nice after some stuff happend when i was gone my Discord didn't work from a technicall reason.Now i asked them how i can fix my Discord back again and they given me some files where i clicked on that was realy **bleep** from meto click on file that some random people that i didn"t know for long  after i clickt on the file it open the Console pannel from my computer and it did something bizzar in the word from Anymous detected !... something like that can't remmember precisely after all that i was **bleep** enough to believe he was still helping me but he wasn't he made it even worse so after that he asked me to delete the program where window 10 is working i tried that and i sayd to him. No it still doesn't want to work how do i do it again.And he reaacts on  it wait do you know teamviewer.I say no i dont know it He says okey install that its a program so i can take over your computer for a momment he also menged that nothing can happen sooo after all that blablabla **bleep**! i did what he asked me to do i downloaded it and he knows my IP from my pc and still trying to get in my computer btw i got some recordings from it when sayed everything but it doesn't load for some reason... So after i explained can some tell me what to do about it i wan't it anyway fixed pls? :(  this is the guys his IP were he"s trying to logging from