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Need help with Servicecamp

   I'm struggling to properly evaluate the Servicecamp feature of TV12 or find any meaningful information in the website or support foirums about it. The trial isn't being very helpful and info seems thin on the ground.

Using the tool seems easy enough - it's basic and that's absolutely fine. There are a couple of things really bugging me though and I can't find info on how to do the following things:

a) How the devil do you report on the volume of tickets going through the system for any given date range or at least how do you limit the topic count to a data range? A ticketing tool is hampered greatly by the inability to report on how busy the support services are (or have been)!

b) How do you move tickets from one inbox to another without resubmitting the request?

c) How do users get to see the custom fields you create? If you create a field, mark is as mandatory, add it to the metadata, does that only allow the staff agents to see the ticket and if so, can you report upon them somehow?


I'm finding trialling this tool a lesson in frustration, especially since I'm a freshdesk user and have used many other solutions in the past (both basic and complex). Any info the community could throw my way about their own experiences would be very helpful and gratefully received.



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  • Thanks, Jeremy. That tells me what I need to know. Sadly the lack of reporting makes servicecamp no good for my needs at this stage. I need to be able to report on ticket volumes/topic counts by date range as a minimum.

    If you'd like complete feedback on my experience with this tool (and how it currently stacks up against other simple solutions I've been using) please feel free to contact me again.
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Posts: 106 Staff member 🤠


    Sure thing - we'd be happy to get your feedback!

    The best way you could get that to us would be to submit a ticket with your feedback. Then we can make sure it gets to the appropriate product manager. You can find instructions on submitting a ticket here.

    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Hi Jeremy

    Do you have a timeline for the reporting piece?  This is the main feature that is lacking from what looks to be a very clean and simple service desk.

    Thx Phill

  • I have the same question - when can we expect to be able to export to CSV at least?

    Thanks, Tony.

  • Hello! I was disappointed with the ServiceCamp system. I was expecting a tool integrated with TeamViewer normal, for example I use TeamViewer registering all my clients for greater ease of access and this does not happen with ServiceCamp, it was spared who came from an integrated platform to all the TeamViewer services. Even if it was not integrated into TeamViewer normal but that for example open TeamViewer QuickSupport next to TeamViewer and thus open a ticket directly through the. Thus enabling you to do remote access there.

    It has to take into consideration that many of the users do not have the capacity to use due to the difficulties of the computer for each one.


  • Hi 

    Recently we released QS integration with Servicecamp that allows to create tickets directly from QuickSupport client. Please see below article on how to configure QS module.

    Additionnaly there is a new feature that allows your clients to open a tickets from User Portal without need to sign-in


    Product Owner
  • From my point of view the way I use it, I think it should work like this ... I'll leave my constructive criticism. I use Teamviewer with registered users in my account and clients contact me via Whatsapp and with registration and control in Whatsapp I can easily identify the machine and connect immediately to clients but the barrier I encounter is that not all customers have access to these means of communication by internal policy of each company many the employee neither can use cell phone. My idea of ​​Teamviewer would be that through Teamviewer the client himself make the contact only so that it would happen that the client have to register in the account of the Teamviewer account. Another solution is to open the quick suport only to open the call and keep Teamviewer open normally for more convenient access.
  • Hi 

    When your client openes QuickSupport in MCO (management console) you will that session code came to online and directly from MCO you are clicking on "Connect" button and get connected to your client machine. You client does not have to install Teamviewer, he just need to open QuickSupport module.

    Product Owner
  • I understood, but what I meant is that for us that we use at least in my case I find it more practical to have the control of the clients of their machines in my account becomes much more practical. Instead of the client opening the quicksupport and making contact, I find it more laborious for the client.

    What I mean is that I should have in my opinion something only Teamviewer as a whole, within the normal Teamviewer installed and configured and linked in some way that had a CLIENT (They) / SUPPORT (Us) link with an SOS button .

    Then through this button SOS by there to open a chat screen or called directly in the client application and directly in my application as support and from there start a simple and practical support (I know that there is already the chat inside the normal teamviewer)

    If this already exists please correct me that I either did not understand or I do not know how to do.

    I'm sorry for anything, I do not want to sound ignorant or anything. I want to be constructive to improve.

    Thank you!

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