Live Broadcast to TeamViewer has stopped due to: (null)

hannsf Posts: 2 ✭✭

I am successfully connecting to my iPad, from my Mac (All software is up to-date).   After about a minute, or less, I get the following message displayed on my iPad "Live Broadcast to TeamViewer has stopped due to: (null)".   Help, please



  • MaxAlex
    MaxAlex Posts: 1

    I am having this same problem.  Did you ever find a solution?  Thanks.

  • hannsf
    hannsf Posts: 2 ✭✭

    No, still having this problem, and no one has commented on my submission.

  • remoteiPad
    remoteiPad Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue. I successfully connect to a family member's ipad with the live broadcast feature of iOS to TeamViewer. It works for a few moments, then disconnects due to null. The person controlling the iPad did nothing more than try to press home and open Safari. We did not test enough to see what other activities caused it as it was too frustrating to set it all up each time to only disconnect within 30 seconds or less.

    Any idea if this is a known bug?

  • deux4ever
    deux4ever Posts: 1

    The same issue caused the problem.

    I can't wait to find a solution to this problem.

  • GSmith9154
    GSmith9154 Posts: 1

    Experiencing the same problem... It works flawlessly for about 1 minute and then the error comes up. It happens whether I access my iPad from an iPhone of Mac Laptop

  • mbierman
    mbierman Posts: 1

    Same here. iPad Air 2, mac mini both running latest OS. 

  • PaulFza
    PaulFza Posts: 1

    I think this could be a iOS (Apple) limitation to end the "Broadcast", but nowhere, on Apple nor Teamviewer sites, am I able find any supporting statements/documents - it would be nice if the user could setup the "timeout" as the user requires this ...