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How to deactivate Samsung Knox?

I installed TeamViewer QuickSupport on my Samsung S8 and the first time I installed it, I was prompted with the message "Remote Control this device. In order to remote control this device, please activate Samsung Knox" which I allowed.

I don't really want to leave this feature on.  How do I disable this feature?

I did a search through the apps and the settings and can't find Samsung Knox anywhere on the phone.

Thank you

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  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠
    DanTheMan151 is absolutely correct.

    Knox is a built-in feature of Samsung mobiles and should not be removed.

    Also, without knox, you cannot control the phone with TeamViewer. Activating knox is a requirement and is part of our agreement with Samsung to allow remote control of their devices. (Remote control requires manufacturer co-operation)

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  • what ifffffffffffffffffffffff we took knox out for good? think of custom roms, it s our **bleep** phone not samsung's, please provide an alternative