No audio on iPad from remote PC

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I have latest Teamviewer (as 0f 4/16/18) installed on Windows 10 PC and iPad Pro 10.5 (latest OS versions) and can't get any sound on the iPad from the PC. I've checked all of the recommended audio boxes., turned all of the audio sliders to max.  This is all on my local home network.  There was a previous thread on this marked as solved by release of a new (now older) Teamviewer build but it is still an issue for me and at least one other user.  Ideas?



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    o. I have exactly the same problem. PC to PC sounds works fine, but iPad to Windows 10 PC no sound. I have checked all the settings as per other threads to check it is using standard devices and unmuted mic and seakers, but no joy.

    Connection to the same Windows 10 machine from other devices gives sound fine.


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    Yours is the first response I got on this question that I have posted here and on other forums.  I gave up and uninstalled TeamViewer [removed per Community Guidelines ]