Host APP in android devide stopped

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Hi everyone,
I have installed Host APP in my second device to control it from my principal one. I had to quit all permission to Host bh energy save mode in order not to go Host APP to stand by. But sometimes Host APP stopped and I can't connet to the devide. I've tried some solutions to restart Host in remote with macros like kill the APP, clean ram memory, etc, but Host only restart after I go to the device and I restart it. Do you know some solution that can restart the Host APP in remote without restarting the device??? Thanks.



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    The error message in the main device when the Host APP is down in the second device is: "Your partner has not confirmed your request to see the screen. Therefore, the connection has been closed." But connection never were stablished.
    All the ideas to try will be wellcome!!
    Thanks to all.