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Azure Intune MSI Install

I’m going to go ahead and lay out what I am trying to do so that the Teamviewer powers that be might see my plea and give us the ability to install through Intune, especially since there are already hooks into Intune for Teamviewer.

I want to push the Host MSI to all of my Intune joined Windows PCs. We are a school district, so these Lenovo N24 laptops are used by multiple students. I need the Host MSI so that we can easily get in and repair issues that teachers report with the laptop. I added the MSI, but I’m wondering how successful it will be with those extra settings. I wish they could be wrapped into the MSI.
So this is the error I get when I try to assign the MSI to a device; A user can’t be targeted with a device context install (0X87D10780)

I set up a device group, dropped this laptop into it, and assigned that MSI. There is no user be targeted, just the device.



    JPDIT Posts: 1
    Did you come up with an answer? I'd rather not have to individually install it on each machine!