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USB Mic on remote side


We've been doing an eval of TeamViewer for use in our call center. It works great so far except audio from the other side. We can hear the system sounds, play a youtube video, etc. However we can't hear the person at the at that computer wearing a USB headset. We've also tried two additional USB mics and have the same issue with those as well. 

The only way we've been able to get around this is to change the microphone properties (windows 10) and under the "Listen" tab select "Listen to this device". As soon as we they do it we can hear them fine. The problem with this method is they can also hear themselves talk in their headset which becomes quite annoying. We've done the manual selections for voice playback and voice input in the setting sfor audio conferenceing section of TeamViewer. 

This looks to be an issue with any USB mic plugged in. I can say that the person they are calling does hear them fine, it's just the USB audio seems to not captured within TeamViewer itself. This happens if the person isn't on a call either, so it have nothing to do with the software they use to make calls. 

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. We love the program so far and want to purchase it but I can't unless I can get a USB mic on the other end of the connection to work correctly. Thank you!