Issue regarding TeamViewer Android SDK

Issue regarding TeamViewer Android SDK:

We are facing the following issue:
TeamViewer view is not get overlaid onto the application view. 
i.e. We are able to pass event to console so we can view Blue Connect button into console. But we are not getting any event from console to device when we are clicking on Connect button into console.
We had run your sample Travel app on the following two devices:
1. Galaxy Tab 4 (version 5.1.1) – Working
2. Nexus 9 (version 7.1.1) – Not Working

To solve an above issue, we had try following steps:
1.We have check that whether all the required permissions are given into Manifest file or not. And it’s already given.
We have also check that SYSTEM_ALERT_DIALOG permission is also given.
2. We have checked that Travel app is listed into 
Settings -> Apps -> Special access -> Drawer over other apps with Yes permit.