Windows update not active


I'm using TeamViewer 12 on both my Windows 10 and Linux machines. In the "Computer & Contacts" window, I get a red warning triangle next to the Windows machine with the warning message "Windows update not active". I have my updates turned on the machine and I get them regularly, Is there an extra step that I'm missing or not seeing that I need to activate for Windows update?

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  • JedenTag
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    I generally disable health checks in TeamViewer. We have several patches that we intentionally don't install and this causes the alert you are seeing. If you just want to make the alert go away...

    Extras > Options > Advanced > Un-Check "Enable integrated system health checks"


  • wryland
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    Well, I haven't refused any updates and I want the integrated health check, so what's the source of the problem - a glitch in the registry?


  • Any further insight on this.   I just installed the latest Teamviewer (v13) on another laptop.  It has the latest Win 10 version and is actively receiving and installing updates.  Yet Teamviewer is reporting the Alert "Windows update not active".   

    Why and how can I clear this up?

  • I finally called support and they immediately resolved the issue with registry hack.

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    Which is?

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    Yes please! Which is?

    This problem is irritating me too.