TeamViewer VPN running slow

Rhidium Posts: 2

I am running TeamViewer 12.0.72365 on a Windows 8 system.  When I use the VPN to connect to one of my computers at home, the connection is slow.  When I play a video though YouTube, I see the video freezing/stuttering multiple times.  But if I VPN to my sister's computer, the video plays without any issues.  Side note: when I Remote control my home computer it runs fine.

I know my home computer as it has about 25.8GB free space on the main drive (about 10% free).  Memory it runs at 8.1/15.9GB (51%), and CPU running at 10% (there is apps that are openned such as Google Chrome, Excel, Word). 

What should I look at to fix this issue of the throughput when streaming via the VPN on this computer?