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How to schedule recurring meetings?


I would like to schedule a series of recurring meetings. As as Scrum Master, I am looking for a quick way scheduling my dailies. I.e., I would like to schedule a daily from 9 to 9:15 am from August 1st until Dec 19th 2018.

Is there any other way than scheduling a single meeting checking the option "save meeting for later reuse" and then schedule manually something like 70 separate meetings for each working day? (see here:

Thank you in advance :)


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  • Jaquie
    Jaquie Posts: 93

    Dear @Frank_S

    On this article you will find a step-by-step on how to schedule recurring meetings. If you select the option Save Meeting for later re-use the meeting ID will still be available.

    You don't have to manually schedule 70 meetings. It is enough that you schedule one, choose the time frime and hour and your participants will always join at the same time with the same meeting ID. 

    If you are using Outlook you can make any changes (if necessary) and send them from there, but your meeting ID will not be affected unless you deliberately delete it. 



  • Frank_S
    Frank_S Posts: 2

    Hi Jaquie,

    Thank you for your response. To me, the description is not really self-explanatory. Might be due to the fact, that I am not a native speaker or a lack of ...whatever :).

    May I suggest, that you add a section there which is a bit more descriptive towards the purpose of "save meeting for later reuse"?

    When searching the forum for "scheduling of recurring meetings" or "scheduling of a series of meeting" or similar terms, the results do not really provide helpful results from my point of view.

    It would be great if there would be just a little section like this:

    Scheduling of recurring meetings:

    Create a meeting for the first occurence as decribed in "Planning a new meeting". Then copy the newly created meeting ID including the login / dial-in credentials for this meeting and go to Outlook (or any other calendar tool you use to manage your meeting invitations).

    There, you create your series of meetings / recurring meetings (e.g., Daily Scrum Meeting) and simply copy/paste the the newly created meeting ID including the login / dial-in credentials for this meeting into the new meeting invite.

    You can reuse the meeting ID for as many occurences as you need.


    I am convinced that a section like this would help others looking for the same topic.

    Your thoughts?

    Cheers, Frank

  • Jaquie
    Jaquie Posts: 93

    Dear Frank, 

    Hope you are doing fine :smileyhappy:. Just to let you know that we have made the proper changes in the article. We hope that scheduling recurrent meetings will be clearer for any future users looking for this information. Once again thank you for your feedback. 



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