can connect to remote machine from android but not windows

lamoid Posts: 1

OK So, When I try to connect to a remote host computer running windows 7 from a remote computer also running windows (& or 10) I get the response "TeamViewer not running on partner computer." 

But, it is.

I can connect from my android tablet. so clearly teamviewer is there and responding. Just to be sure, I logged in using remote control from Android. Sure enough on the desktop is the teamviewer window that lists the android device as a session.

Also, I signed up for the free trial of itbrain. Using that, I can list the processes on the host computer and it shows teamviewer to be running.

I disconnected from the remote host using the teamviewer window on the host. Nevertheless I cannot access the host from my windows computers. I then retried connecting from the android laptop and it worked. I had the remote machine restarted (By luck my clearing person was there. I'll not be able to physically access the remote computer for three weeks.) and tried all of the above again. 

Same results: Android connects and permits remote control. Windows tells me "TeamViewer not running on partner computer."

I've tried to connect using both the windows TeamViewer program and through the TeamViewer wesite. Same results.

What in the world is going on here?



  • KazzaP
    KazzaP Posts: 1

    Both my daughter and I have the same problem, and have done intermittently for the past few weeks.

    We connect from our home pcs/laptops running Windows 7 to individual desk top machines at work, both running Windows 10.  We connect using a paid for commercial subscription.

    The issue can only be resolved by restarting TV on the work pcs, but clearly if we're not there we can't do that.

    It is infuriating as idue to the nature of our work that we need 24/7 access.

    Work pcs have only recently been upgraded to Windows 10 so am assuming it is something to do with this.  Settings have been checked and all set for allegedly optimal connection and performance, yet the problem persists.

    Would appreciate any help on this.