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How to set or change password in console?

In Linux it is possible. Is it possible to Windows 10?

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    Dear Semyon,

    Thank you for contacting TeamViewer.

    Yes, it's possible to set a password on Linux using the command

    sudo teamviewer passwd [password]

    Unfortunately, that feature is not included on Windows.

    On Windows, you might need to export a personal password using a reg file and then import it.

    To do so, go to Extras \ Options \ Advanced \ TeamViewer options

    Under 'Export options to a *.reg file' click Export.

    Save the *.reg file under the desired location.

    After that, you will have the chance to select the options you will like to export.

    Because you only want the password, uncheck everything and check only 'Export Personal Password'.

    Then type and confirm your desired password.

    To import the password to other devices go to Extras \ Options \ Advanced \ TeamViewer options.

    Under 'Import options from a *.reg file' click Import.

    Select the *.reg and click open and you will be all set.

    Hope this solution works for you.

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